Dengue Cure Protocol

Dengue fever is so commonly diagnosed in my country, the Philippines, that it seems a travesty for people to die from this simple disease that should be easy and routinely cured. This is my blue print to cure my own children if they somehow contracted dengue fever.

First, the definition of dengue. Virus from the mosquito, or so these medical experts say. The danger is internal hemorrhage.

Second, clear the bowels. Administer a colon cleanse immediately. Enema. Better if you have a colon cleanse herbal such as Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea. Constipation is the number one enemy.

Third, stop feeding of solid food. The body needs rest from digestion to concentrate on healing.

Fourth, administer the popular tawa tawa / gatas gatas weed dengue cure tea.

Fifth, liquid diet, fresh air, sunlight, walk barefoot on the grass for body grounding, rest and relaxation will nourish the sick’s body, spirit and mind.

Sixth, in bad cases; and if you are equipped as we are. Use electrotherapy devices as pyroenergen (electrically raises blood alkalinity) and a hulda clark zapper (destroys viruses via their positive electric pulsations).

Pitfalls, bad doctors, bad hospitals, and any kind of pharmaceutical drug is bad news and can cause death to the dengue patient.

All of this is readily available right here, right now.

Remember, this is for my family. Good skill with your family.

Warning: I will be using strong language in this website to get my message across and hopefully save lives.

Here is my Dengue Cure Protocol in detail:


Clearing the bowels & Steam Bathing

Stop feeding solid food

Tawa Tawa Tea

Natural Nourishment


Going Home

Pitfalls Beware

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